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war made me: do it

$6.00 - On Sale

There’s another winless war in the Middle East and America’s fashion fatigues are pastel pink. Jfry Craig’s looking for a job with the ministry of propaganda. He’s always had a way of putting things together bisecting a handful of tempered passions/distractions to create a sightline for his perspective—never unconvincingly. His work is iconic it tells more with less, more or less, never moralist or moral-less—always a damn good show.

Akin to their subject, the images in Jfry Craig’s war made me: do it are hard to forget. This little book demands a reaction, encouraging reader involvement. Rip the postcards out and send to all your friends to make a lasting impression.

With its stunning images, street sensibility, high-quality production, and accessible price point, this timely and attractive book is perfectly positioned as an impulse or gift purchase item.


“A mighty fine-lookin’ anti-war coffee table book.”
-Hour, September 2006

"A beautiful collection of postcards that takes iconic imagery and places them in a modern artistic context."
-MAXIM online

"One of the reasons I eventually resigned my job was due in no small part to the author of this book. You see, at least once a week I'd walk down 17th Avenue to check out how my posters looked on the boards, and every week I'd see these legitimate pieces of art pasted next to my legitimate pieces of shit. It really was a kick in the balls."
-Beatroute, December 2006