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The Joy of Hosen: Lederhosen Lucil Up Close Und Pictorial


At last, Lederhosen Lucil emerges from the pantry!

This German-accented singing sensation with blond braids, a taste for dried apricots, and an ever-growing wardrobe of lederhosen (German short-pant-overall things) has many secrets to share. Where did she come from? The origins of the character the Montreal Mirror called “one of Montreal’s most outrageous musical acts” (and one of the city’s best-dressed) are now exposed…

Since her stage debut in 1998, the now-legendary Lucil has inspired visual artists and writers to create beautiful photos, comics, pictures, and stories — all part of The Joy of Hosen. Take an eight-year visual odyssey through the evolution of Lucil’s costumes, wigs, poster art, song lyrics, set lists, comic art, and more. Experience the unfolding of this raw creation process in The Joy of Hosen, and witness some of the ideas it has sparked in drawings from a spectrum of other artists.

Designed by artist and master poster maker Todd “Breeree” Stewart, this book features photographer Jocelyn Michel’s juicy shots of Lucil sporting each of her unique hosen. The Joy of Hosen: Lederhosen Lucil Up Close und Pictorial is a delightful addition to any book collection. Full of tasty surprises for her fans, it is easy to see why Lucil is so very loved!